A Wintery Week for a cruise!

Our week kicked off with some pretty windy wintery weather, however it soon changed and it was great to see so many people out and about and happy to get on the water and enjoy our cruises regardless!!

Sightings from our cruises

Tuesday 21/08/2012- Today dolphins took the opportunity to bow ride as we cruised in the estuary.

Wednesday 22/08/2012 – With a blustery day our dolphins surfaced on our last cruise of the day heading into Mariners Cove.

Friday 24/08/2012 – What a Day Our passengers on Mandjar today had 2 separate sightings and the dolphins were up in the air throwing fish and playing in the wake of the boat – WOW!

Saturday 25/08/2012 – Summer on its way, on this sunny day one of our regular dolphins was seen at the entrance to the canals all day!

Sunday 26/08/2012 – Sunny Sunday – dolphins were out bright and early as our cruise boats were setting up.

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