217 Dolphin Sightings For November!

Mother and clf dolphins - Mandurah Cruises

A great month for dolphin watching.

It was a big month for dolphin activity and sightings in November, as the weather is warming up so are the dolphins. A total of 217 sighting were recorded by our staff and customers for November.

Here is a summary of activity for the month

Week 1 – 72 sightings –  Great morning and afternoon activity

Week 2 – 33 sightings – Bow wave riding and playing

Week 3 – 50 sightings – Feeding, mother and calf sighted and bow wave riding

Week 4 – 62 sightings – Feeding in the canals, bow wave riding and mother and calf in marina.

If you would like to join us on a cruise and see mandurah dolphins just visit the 1hr Dolphin & Canal Cruise page for more info and to book online.