Summer is here and so is resident dolphin nicki and all her friends!

dolphin and passengersThe first week of summer saw plenty of dolphins active in Mandurah’s waterways.  On the 1st of December a pod of 7 was seen feeding along Fairbridge bank before proceeding down the channel.

One of Mandurah’s most well known resident dolphins Nicki was seen on a number of occasions during the first week of December with her calf and pod.  Nicki is easily identifiable as part of her dorsal fin is missing.  She has made Mandurah’s waterways her home and has raised several calves over the years.

On the 6th of December a pod of 8 or more dolphins was seen in the Mandurah Ocean Marina.  Prior to the development of the Marina, that area used to be called Dolphin Pool.  It was a small inlet with a couple of shallow bays and a few boat moorings.  The reason it was called Dolphin Pool was because the dolphins would go in there and herd the fish into the shallow little beaches where they could not get away.  This was an easy way for them to get their meals and they do still do go in there for feeding, however there are now a few more obstacles in their way.

On the 3rd, 4th, 5th and 8th of December there were many sighting of dolphins travelling in pods consisting of 2 to 6 around the Old Mandurah Traffic Bridge.   

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