New Crayfishing Experience Launches in Mandurah

Wild Seafood Experience

With an abundant crayfish population offshore, Mandurah’s commercial fishermen have long exported this seafood delicacy overseas to foreign consumers. Now, Mandurah Cruises is bringing these consumers here, offering crayfish tours to international and domestic

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Christmas Gives Birth to Mandurah’s 1st Calf of 2018!

What a way to end our Christmas Lights Cruise season with one of our favourite dolphins Christmas giving birth to a calf! First sighted by Mandurah Cruises tour guide and dolphin expert Martin on 6th January, it was believed to be only a day or 2 old. Resident town dolphin Christmas has joined us for most

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Meet Mandurah’s 2nd Newborn for 2018

Mandurah Dolphins

Meet our second dolphin for the season – ‘DC’. Mandurah Dolphin Research Project and Mandurah Dolphin Rescue Group announced the name of the youngster. “DC is named after Doug Coughran, a long serving senior wildlife officer (now retired) with the government. Doug has attended, responded to, and advised on Mandurah dolphin strandings and entanglements for decades.

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