Mandurah BBQ Boat Tours

The coolest floating picnics out there

When you want an amazing experience, trust Mandurah BBQ Boat Tours and our local guides to share stories and show you the hidden gems.

On board a cool, donut-shaped Mandurah BBQ Boat Tour you’ll learn about the curious dolphins and cruise through charming canals, indulging in a delicious barbecue or picnic lunch. Or visit in the festive season to see why Mandurah is the Christmas Lights Capital of Western Australia in a magical display of glimmer and kindness.

Friendly Guides

Our guided tours feature expert live commentary from cheery, knowledgeable skippers. They’ll share stories about Mandurah, its wonderful waterways and wildlife, including our famous dolphins. Got a question about the region or our marine environment? Ask them, as they love talking about Mandurah and its beautiful river system.

Fabulous BBQ Boats

Our BBQ Boats were made for small, social group tours. The cute donut shaped design allows up to nine guests to sit around a circular picnic table, so everyone has an equal view of the passing dolphins and can be part of the conversation. The electric boats are clean, quiet and fume-free, reducing our impact on the marine environment.