Waterbike Fitness and Wellbeing Tours on Mandjar Bay

Feel good fitness on Mandurah Waterbikes Sunrise Exercise Tour

Swap the sweaty gym spin class for a sunrise Waterbike Fitness and Wellbeing tour on Mandurah’s pristine waterways. This is feel-good fitness at its best; watch a superb sunrise, breathe in fresh air and enjoy a 10km cycle and barista coffee with the friendliest crew. A dolphin sighting just adds to the endorphin thrill.

Hop aboard your Waterbike at our floating jetty on the Mandurah Boardwalk. The bikes sit atop a catamaran making them stable and much easier than stand up paddling. Gliding across water is almost frictionless, so you can power along safely and silently, taking in the magic of sunrise over Mandjar Bay.

Book a casual class or commit to a weekly cycle to really put a smile on your dial.

Is it a wicked workout or a sunrise saunter?

Wondering if you’ll be totally puffed racing the Mandurah dolphins? This is a wellness experience where breathing in fresh air and watching the sunrise will leave you feeling just as fantastic as the gentle Waterbike workout.

We try to find that happy balance where we get nice and warm, yet everyone can comfortably keep up at a good pace. We stop for coffee half way through the tour, at Nourishing the Soul Café, giving you the opportunity to rest and relax while you sip one of Mandurah’s finest coffees, before hopping back on your bike for the ride back to base.

Where do we explore on the Fitness and Wellbeing Tour?

This is the finest way to get eyeball close to Mandurah’s dolphins and a wealth of stunning waterbirds. We cycle from Mandurah Cruise’s floating jetty at Mandurah Boardwalk, past the pretty foreshore and down the canal past the Creery Wetland Nature Reserve. Stop for a coffee with splendid water views, then we cycle back to the Mandurah Boardwalk, feeling fantastic and ready to start the day.

Frequently Asked Questions

We begin on sunrise, so the starting time varies throughout the season. Contact us or check your booking confirmation for the start time. Allow about 90 minutes for the tour.

We provide your Waterbike, an optional lifejacket and a standard coffee at Nourishing the Soul Café. Our expert guide will take you along Mandurah’s scenic waterfront, along the estuary and past the Creery Wetland Nature Reserve, an important bird sanctuary.

This is designed to be an achievable wellness tour, for most levels of fitness. If you can walk at moderate pace for 30 minutes, you should find this tour achievable and enjoyable. If you’re fit and healthy and would like to move at a faster pace, you’ll be able to do so and we’ll catch up.

Fingers crossed! While we can’t guarantee sightings of these magnificent wild creatures, we often have our beautiful Mandurah dolphins pay us a visit as we Waterbike along the estuary. It’s always a thrill to see them.

The speed of your bike depends on how fast you pedal, but they can make a top speed of 15km/h. On average they go 5-6 kph. The faster you go, the more of a work out it is, but at top speed you can almost keep up with a gently cruising dolphin!

Yes, they can be found here, but in short we have restrictions on where you go, and rules around safe operations so no one is injured. We also want to make sure we have safe, good quality assets, so we ask in our agreement that you follow our instructions to ensure their safe return. We do need a valid credit card for the booking as we will charge this should waterbikes be stolen, lost or needing significant repair. We also need mandatory photo ID – driving licence or passport for all lead hirers.  Please read our latest Terms and Conditions here.
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