Mandurah Waterbike Hire

Choose your own adventure with a Mandurah Waterbike Hire

Mandurah’s pristine estuary is waiting to be explored, and Mandurah Waterbike Hire is the coolest way to do it. Step aboard a sleek catamaran cycle, see and be seen as you cruise the humming Mandjar Bay. The high performance Waterbikes can be hired for 30 minutes or an hour, giving you a fresh perspective on a beautiful part of the world.

Bike, boat or banana?

Our high performance waterbikes are suspended upon a catamaran, which totally looks like bananas. These beauties are the bee’s knees; bucket loads of fun and the nicest way to explore the estuary. Best of all, you’ll stay dry as you cruise around.

Waterbike Hire Options

Hire a Mandurah Waterbike for 30 minutes or 60 minutes – but book ahead to avoid waiting. They’re in demand, and while you can hire them on the spot, priority is given to people who book ahead.

60 minutes lets you explore more. Check out the amazing waterfront properties in the canals and spend time with the playful dolphins.

  • 60-minute hire $45 adult/ $25 child (7-14 years)
  • 60-minute family of four package $115
  • 30-minute hire $29 adult/ $18 child (7-14 years)
  • 30-minute family of four package $76

The minimum age to travel without an adult is 15 years +.
Children 14 years and under must travel with an adult (18+ years).

Persons must be over 130cm to ride the waterbikes and under 120kg.

Hire a Mandurah Waterbike Now

Book it in, before they sell out! Mandurah Waterbikes are especially popular at weekends, holidays and in beautiful weather (that’s most days!) so please book ahead to avoid waiting.

Please note: You are required to arrive at least 20 minutes prior to your selected time for induction or it will deduct from your hire time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Not at all, and it’s easier than riding a bike. Unlike bikes and stand up paddleboards, Waterbikes catamaran design makes them incredibly stable and you don’t need any balance. Simply hop on, relax and pedal gently.

Just bring the bare essentials and be ready for a fantastic time. A life jacket will be provided. We can provide a dry bag, and we recommend leaving valuables behind. Take water, sunglasses and wear a hat. Ask our friendly team if you have any other questions.

You need to be able to tread water for 30 minutes. Please let us know when you arrive so we can give you a lifejacket and ensure you’re safe. The Waterbikes are very stable so it’s highly unlikely that you’d enter the water, but please take a lifejacket as an extra precaution.

It’s likely you’ll see a pod of our famous Mandurah dolphins. They are wild animals, so we can’t guarantee sightings, but we see them on most of our Scenic Dolphin Cruises, and hope you do too.

It’s up to you where you ride. You will need to steer well clear of boats, and rocks at the side – apart from that it’s your call! We provide a route map, and in one hour you can take in the unique canals, whose homes opening onto the water give Mandurah that unique coastal feel. Cycle up to the historic Halls Cottage, Mandurah’s oldest building, and then head back, admiring the architecturally designed War Memorial and park, one of the loveliest bay-side place. 

Head across the bay into the gorgeous Marina, with its array of traditional fishing boats, luxury yachts, and quirky houseboats, unique to Mandurah. In the Venetian Canals you’ll find perfectly sheltered waters and luxury homes fringing the waterways, where you can wave to the friendly residents. 

Complete a loop then head back into the bay, past the friendly pelicans at Stingray Point, and under the historic Moreton Bay Fig Tree – beautiful when viewed from a bike. Hopefully, along the way, you’ll have some dolphin escorts, who are completely wild and unafraid of the bikes. Just remember, please don’t try and feed them – it’s illegal! 

The speed of your bike depends on how fast you pedal, but they can make a top speed of 15km/h. On average they go 5-6 kph. The faster you go, the more of a work out it is, but at top speed you can almost keep up with a gently cruising dolphin!

Yes! Children need to be 7 years old or at least 130cm tall to ride the Waterbikes – otherwise they won’t be able to reach the pedals. 

If you’re visiting with children under 130cm tall, we recommend a Scenic Dolphin Cruise or Mandurah BBQ Boats experience – two exciting ways to explore the river and see our beautiful dolphins.

The minimum age to travel without an adult is 15 years +. Children 14 years and under must travel with an adult (18+ years).

There is a maximum 120kg weight limit.

Training for the Tour de Mandurah? You can reach speeds of around 15 kilometres an hour, and really get your heart racing.

And if you’re cruising along at a steady pace, you’ll likely cover about 5km in an hour, which gives you ample opportunity to see Mandjar Bay, do a loop of the canals and see dolphins too.

The catamaran design makes the Waterbikes incredibly stable – you don’t need to balance. It’s very unlikely that you’d fall in.

Your feet will get wet when getting on and off the Waterbike, so watershoes or sandals are best.

We sure do. Gather your friends, family or workmates for a fantastic Waterbike experience, or team it with our BBQ Boats for the ultimate day out. Call us on (08) 9581 1242 or email to organise your group booking.

Yes, they can be found here, but in short we have restrictions on where you go, and rules around safe operations so no one is injured. We also want to make sure we have safe, good quality assets, so we ask in our agreement that you follow our instructions to ensure their safe return. We do need a valid credit card for the booking as we will charge this should waterbikes be stolen, lost or needing significant repair. We also need mandatory photo ID – driving licence or passport for all lead hirers. 

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