Wild Seafood Experience

Mandurah Cruises Features in Air Asia Travel360

Mandurah Cruises Wild Seafood Experience featured in the July 2019 edition of Air Asia’s in flight magazine – Travel360. The feature titled ‘Into The Blue’ by Kerry-Ann Augustin showcases what Perth is best known for – it’s amazing aquatic adventures.

Feature writer Kerry-Ann starts, “From enchanting estuaries to pristine coastal waters, Perth in Western Australia is defined by bodies of water – each brimming with tales of its storied past and offering thrill seekers and nature lovers a gateway to aquatic adventures.”

She then shares her experiences in Fremantle and the Swan River before a Wild Seafood Adventure in Mandurah with us – Mandurah Cruises:

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“One of the wealthy Britons who bought into Stirling’s dream was Thomas Peel – often credited as the person who pioneered European settlement and developed land in Mandurah, now one of Perth’s most popular cities for anything water-related.”

“Sitting 72 km south of Perth, it is home to one of Australia’s largest estuary systems – the Peel Harvey Estuary. Abundant with crayfish, crabs and fishes, the area is also home to 130 species of birds. The best way to appreciate this natural richness is to hop on board Mandurah Cruises. The award-winning cruise has quite a few tours to choose from, but as a self-professed glutton, I naturally opt for the Wild Seafood Adventure tour – a three hour cruise on board an ultra-luxe boat, equipped with a barbeque grill, a large dining space and a snug sundeck to enjoy stunning vistas of Mandurah’s pristine waters.”

“We kick-off the journey with a little detour to the Indian Ocean, where I try my hand at catching lunch – Western Rock Lobster – a crimson coloured crustacean, native to Western Australian waters. After successfully failing at landing the bait in the right area, the skipper offers a little help by reeling in the catch. “If it’s not fully grown, we throw it back into the ocean,” the skipper explains as he pulls out a special gauge to measure the crayfish. “That’s how we keep it sustainable,” he says, revealing the key to Mandurah’s century-old fishing industry.”

“For the rest of the afternoon, I cruise down the estuary, admiring the dream homes that line Mandurah’s tranquil waters, and spotting schools of wild dolphins, large pelicans and ospreys. Later, I sink my teeth into the freshest catch of the day prepared by the chef on board – from fillets of barramundi, to sweet blue swimmer crabs, slivers of buttery salmon sashimi, marinated octopus, seafood skewers and of course, the perfectly grilled crayfish from my morning catch.”

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