Wild Seafood Experience

New Crayfishing Experience Launches in Mandurah

With an abundant crayfish population offshore, Mandurah’s commercial fishermen have long exported this seafood delicacy overseas to foreign consumers. Now, Mandurah Cruises is bringing these consumers here, offering crayfish tours to international and domestic

customers on their newly refurbished, luxury vessel, the Reel Affair II. So far groups from as far as Beijing and Guangdong in China have loved the pot-pulling experience and eating their fresh catch, which is cooked on board in front of them. This tour extends the visitor options available in Mandurah (winner of this year’s GWN7 WA Tourist Town of the Year) and as Karen Priest, CEO of Mandurah and Peel Tourist Authority comments, ”Another example of our tour operators working hard to showcase the amazing marine attractions we have here.” For more information on Mandurah Cruises Wild Seafood Experience CLICK HERE. Wild Seafood Experience Wild Seafood Experience Wild Seafood Experience Wild Seafood Experience