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Meet Mandurah’s 2nd Newborn for 2018

Mandurah Dolphins

Meet our second dolphin for the season – ‘DC’. Mandurah Dolphin Research Project and Mandurah Dolphin Rescue Group announced the name of the youngster. “DC is named after Doug Coughran, a long serving senior wildlife officer (now retired) with the government. Doug has attended, responded to, and advised on Mandurah dolphin strandings and entanglements for decades. …

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Mandurah Cruises Go Plastic Free

Plastic Free July!

Mandurah Cruises have gone PLASTIC FREE and encourage you to get on board a plastic free lifestyle to help keep it out of the ocean and create a safer environment for our dolphins and other wildlife. We are refusing single use plastics by changing to recycled paper bags and calico bags in our gift shop, …

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New Additions To Mandurah’s Dolphin Population!

The 5th week of January was a beautiful summer’s week with temperatures in the low 30s.  The dolphins were sighted every day along our cruise route and joined us on many occasions for a ride.  A few new additions to Mandurah’s dolphin population were sighted this week!  That’s right, new babies (calves)!  They were sighted …

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Dolphins show off their catch!

The dolphins were out and about every day in the 3rd week of January.  On most occasions they were sighted feeding which is a good sign of how healthy our waterways are; proving them with plenty of fish and other sea food to eat.  On a number of occasions whilst feeding they were sighted throwing …

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The Tide Was In And So Were The dolphins!

The dolphins were very active during the second week of January.  They were sighted on 6 of the 7 days and were very active, joining us on many occasions for a ride on the waves produced by our boats.  The last day of the week in particular saw dolphins join us on all of our …

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Dolphins Put on a Spectacular Performance !

Following the heatwave, the weather cooled down to the mid 20’s, the tide dropped off and the dolphins were quiet for the first few days of the year along our cruise route.  However, come the end of the week the weather started to warm up again and the dolphins were in a very active mood …

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