best dressed Christmas competition

Santa and his elves will be looking for the best Christmas dressed guests every evening. So, we encourage you to get into the spirit and dress to the Christmas theme for your chance to WIN some great prize packs and the title of ‘Best Dressed‘ for this seasons Christmas Lights Cruises. Get creative!

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Dolphin Stranding Hotspot

dolphin strandings

Did you know that Mandurah has been identified as a dolphin stranding hotspot?  Since 1985 there have been at least 36 live strandings involving approximately 60 animals in the Mandurah waterways. With the vast areas of shallow water, low tides and the hot summer temperatures, our dolphins are in great danger of stranding in the

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Eyes of a Dolphin

Dolphins rely on their eyesight to avoid predators and to find food, which is essential for their survival. Combined with their excellent eyesight and sonar like system to process visual information underwater – called echolocation, dolphins have a great advantage in the ocean compared to other marine life that rely on sight only.

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Mandurah’s matriarch

We would like to introduce to you two of Mandurah’s resident dolphins – Nikki and John Edwards.  They are both easily recognisable with their distinct dorsal fins.  From a distance they may look similar with the same shaped fin but if you look closely you can see the difference.  You may have seen them in

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Mandurah Cruises Feature in Qantas ‘Top Travel Trends of 2018’

Qantas Travel Trends 2018

Mandurah Cruises recently featured in Qantas Travel Insiders’ ‘Top Travel Trends of 2018’ which discussed the change in the types of escapes people are now looking for – experiences. Qantas Travel Insider reports, “These days, we want more from our holidays than a tan and a souvenir T-shirt – we want to come home forever

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Mandurah’s Freeze Branded Dolphins

freeze branded dolphin 22

You may have noticed that some of Mandurah’s dolphins have faint numbers on their fins.  Many years ago when dolphins stranded here in Mandurah, freeze branding was the method used to help identify and keep track of the dolphins.  Mandurah has been identified as a dolphin stranding hot spot,  with the Peel-Harvey area being so

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Male Dolphin Alliances in Mandurah

Male dolphin Alliance

Dolphins are known to be highly social and intelligent animals that display complex behaviours.  It is no surprise that outside of humans the most complex social groups and structures have been found in bottlenose dolphins. Specific research supporting this has been done on a population of dolphins in Shark Bay, Western Australia and similar behaviours

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Mandurah Cruises Earns 2018 TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence

TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence Mandurah Cruises

We are excited to announce that Mandurah Cruises has received the 2018 TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence. Now in its eighth year, the achievement celebrates businesses that have earned outstanding traveller reviews on TripAdvisor over the past year. Mandurah Cruises was proud to have received exceptional feedback from clients reviewing our cruises and tours.

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