The Dolphins know summer is coming!

We had a great October, dolphins were sighted on 23 days during October on our cruises.

The 18th of October saw a large pod of approximately 20 dolphins join us on our 3pm cruise.  

They had a wonderful time playing in the wake of the boat, putting on a show for our passengers.  The start of November has also seen the dolphins very active.  20 minutes of video footage was taken on the 17th of November of the dolphins and we will hopefully get that up on our Blog and Facebook page shortly.  As the weather warms up please be aware of the wild dolphins that frequent our waterways so keep an eye out for them and feel free to share your sightings, photos and videos on our Facebook page!

If you would like to join us on a 1hr Dolphin and Canal Cruise please call us on 9581 1242 or book online.

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