Qantas Travel Trends 2018

Mandurah Cruises Feature in Qantas ‘Top Travel Trends of 2018’

Mandurah Cruises recently featured in Qantas Travel Insiders’ ‘Top Travel Trends of 2018’ which discussed the change in the types of escapes people are now looking for – experiences.

Qantas Travel Insider reports, “These days, we want more from our holidays than a tan and a souvenir T-shirt – we want to come home forever changed. Once, we worked to buy shiny things. These days, we work to buy experiences. In fact, every year we’re spending about $10 billion more on leisure activities than we did the previous year and we want our leisure time – particularly our holidays – to work as hard as we do.”

People are looking for an unique escape that will give them a better sense of the world and them self where they can join in rather than observe.

Food & Wine is seeing one of, if not the biggest, growth in demand in the world of tourism. Qantas Travel Insider reports, “In 2016, tourists spent more than $21 billion on food, wine and brewery experiences around the country, according to Tourism Research Australia.” Travellers don’t just want standard food and beverages though, they are looking for interactive and sensory dining experiences.

Qantas Travel continues, “Travellers are also interested in playing a more hands-on role in sourcing the food they eat.” At Mandurah Cruises, our Wild Seafood Experience and Catch & Eat Crab Tour provide guests exactly that – to participate in the entire seafood experience from catching to cooking and eating.

Wild Seafood Experience

“In Western Australia, an hour’s drive south of Perth, Mandurah Cruises’ Wild Seafood Experience ( lets guests haul their own catch of western rock lobsters from craypots in the Indian Ocean. Back on land, they’re barbecued for a seafood feast*”, Qantas Travel Insider says. *Correction to article: The fresh catch is caught, cooked, served and eaten on board our luxury charter vessel Reel Affair II, not on land.

Seafood Experiences

The Wild Seafood Experience operates every Saturday (other days available for group bookings) and Catch & Eat Crab Tour operates every Sunday (other days available for group bookings). For more information on these unique tours visit our Seafood Experiences page.

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