Topnotch is a mum again!

There was much excitement this week when resident dolphin Topnotch turned up with her newborn calf, Carter.  Topnotch is often seen in town and was first sighted with her calf early this week on our Dolphin & Scenic Canal Cruise.

Less than a week old, Carter is very active and already so adventurous leaving mum’s side often, trying to master the art of swimming.  Mothers are normally quite protective of their newborn calves however Topnotch has been very trusting to bring her calf close to the cruise boats at such a young age.  This isn’t unusual for her as this also happened with her previous calf Autumn when he was only a few days old.  Mum and calf have been spending a lot of time in town this week and have been seen on most of our cruises.

Above: New calf Carter

Above: Topnotch and Carter

Topnotch has had other calves,  Beaky who is a juvenile male born in 2011 and Autumn also a male, born in 2014.  It was wonderful to see both Beaky and Autumn in town this week spending time with their mum and newest family member.

Above: Autumn and Topnotch 2017

Beaky was born with a disfigured jaw, however he has adapted well and it doesn’t seem to affect his feeding. He spends time with other juvenile males and is also often still seen with his mum.


Beaky – 1 year old (2012)

We are expecting more calves to be born over the next few months.  This is a very crucial time for the mothers and calves.  If you are out on the water please slow down and give the dolphins space.


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